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Visindi is an ancient Norwegian word, which stands for consciousness, wisdom and knowledge.

Visindi AS was established on 1 October  2004 and has grown steadily since. In the summer of 2009 Visindi merged with the Trondheim-based company Bonaventura, and at the same time  established offices in Stavanger and Bergen. The company has almost 40 employees who between them have significant experience  of senior management and leadership positions in the private and public sectors, and some also have consultancy backgrounds.

Visindi is a 100% owned by the Partners working in the company.

The company provides a wide number of professional services across a range of industries, and we deliver tailored services in the fields of recruitment and selection of senior managers, executives directors, board members and other key roles. We run team and leadership development courses, and provide advisory services, coaching and career counselling for both the public and private sectors.


Our core values

Forward Thinking

Our services, processes and solutions are characterised by our ability clearly to see the big picture without ever losing sight of important details.  We are open-minded and receptive to non-traditional thinking and to support this approach we use our experience and knowledge gained in a wide range of professional fields.


We are totally professional and have an ethical approach towards people and values, material or immaterial. Our processes are clear, open to scrutiny and carried out with respect, consideration, and discretion.  The services we provide to both clients and candidates are confidential.

Equality and Diversity

We treat all clients and candidates fairly and equally with dignity and respect.  We value their diversity and recognise that people’s differences contribute to realising the full potential of the individual and the organisation. The whole approach of Visindi reflects our commitment to equality and diversity.

Adding value

 All businesses and individuals benefit from their contact with us, gaining strategic advantages, increased awareness, and improved insight. We create this additional value by transferring knowledge and delivering the best possible quality through our processes, procedures, systems and routines.


Business consept and vision

Business concept

Our aim is to work with our clients to help them create strategic advantages.  We do this by understanding their company culture, strategic objectives and operating challenges in order to select and recruit high calibre business leaders.  We also provide advisory services tailored to suit specific company requirements.


Our goal is to be the natural choice for executive search and for recruitment to management and leadership positions.  We are also able to offer a confidential environment where executives and managers feel comfortable seeking advice or discussing business issues.

Visindi – A wise choice for executive search