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A complete process from A – Z

We start the process by working with you, the client, to understand and to analyse thoroughly your current needs for a role.  We identify the key criteria and skills which will be required and which will support the future development of the post.  Following this analysis, we outline the selection criteria and create a custom profile for the position.

Using advertising, executive search or a combination of the two, we are able to attract potential candidates. After a thorough selection and appointment process, we continue to liaise with the new employee to ensure they have an optimal start in their new role.

Executive search – a targeted search for high calibre, competent and well-motivated candidates

In terms of search Visindi is one of the leading consultancies in the country, having access to an extensive network of potential candidates. Our Consultants are highly educated and experienced specialists with an excellent general overview of candidates, markets and potential work environments.

When commissioned to recruit for a role, we use a number of techniques to ensure we are able to provide clients with high calibre candidates.  Our Consultants analyse the market, utilise their industry contacts and actively seek candidates while also searching our own CV database, consisting of more than 40 000 Norwegian candidates, most of whom hold management positions. We also utilise external CV databases such as LinkedIn. This enables us to provide a wide selection of qualified and motivated candidates.

Visindi has used a significant amount of resources developing a tailor-made IT-system in order to run efficient searches.  This enables us to manage our searches in a proficient and effective way.  Across the organisation we have systematically built a wide knowledge base of client needs, and candidate data.  This specialist knowledge allows us to support our clients and achieve high quality results quickly and efficiently.


Acquisitions – Assessment of executives and management teams

As part of the due diligence process, it is important to assess the management and leadership capabilities of executives and senior staff.  Judicious assessment of senior managers and key employees can help to reduce risk and to produce results more quickly following the acquisition.

Visindi has both the expertise and the capacity necessary to assist the buyer in assessing the business’s management team before and/or immediately after an acquisition.  Visindi’s Consultants have broad experience and competence across a wide range of industries.  The knowledge and understanding we have gained through thousands of reviews of top managers gives us a good basis for providing advice on the human due diligence process.

Visindi operates from Norway’s four largest cities: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.  We have the resources and the systems available to handle complex and demanding human due diligence processes in a highly professional manner. Internationally we are represented in more than 45 countries.

Our human due diligence reviews of senior managers and management teams are based on a clear understanding of the business focus.  Our reviews, which are individually tailored for each organisation, are shaped by evaluating the company’s value chain, the market in which it operates, and the organisation itself.

Assessment of individual candidates/final evaluation

Sometimes a client does not require a full recruitment service.  Visindi is able to provide a professional assessment of final candidates for a specific post.

A thorough assessment of potential candidates includes producing an individual profile, a comprehensive interview where we map out and discuss personal qualities, approaches to work, leadership and communication styles, and motivation regarding the specific position together with carrying out thorough reference and background checks.

We base the assessments on an understanding of your organization, the custom profile for the role and challenges related to the position in question.